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Re: openssh logout not being audited on fc5

On Wednesday 05 November 2008 15:20:23 Wieprecht, Karen M. wrote:
> Unfortunately, ssh logout isn't showing up in my audit logs, and although I
> have an idea why, I can't seem to find what I think I need ...  The system I
> am building has the following: 

FC-5 is so long ago that I don't remember the problem. The audit packages are 
sort of tuned to go with the kernel of that era, so I don't know if you can 
take the audit package from FC-6 and use it on FC-5. But as for openssh, you 
can possibly try the FC-6 package here:


> OS                    = FC5
> audit subsystem = 1.3-2
> openssh             = 4.3p2-4.12
> kernel                 = 2.6.20-1.2320-fc5

I believe this should have worked. Anyways maybe the newer openssh package 
does it.


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