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Re: [PATCH -v2 3/4] AUDIT: collect info when execve results in caps in pE

Quoting Eric Paris (eparis redhat com):
> So here's the problem....  I can't fail this syscall, it's too late.  I

Oh, right...

> can do a couple of things.
> 1) waste lots of space in the execve record so we know memory has
> already been allocated
> 2) just ignore the memory failure and don't worry about it.  We are
> still going to get the fcaps info from the patch record and should be
> able to piece together the starting and finishing caps by looking at
> past audit records if you really need it.
> 3) I can call audit_log_lost().  I don't think we know are this time
> that we really needed this record, but this is the 'safest' approach.
> If people have their machines set to panic on lost records we would
> panic.   Honestly though, if we don't have enough memory to satisfy this
> request (we're talking about 72 bytes or something?) we are going to
> fail the next audit message, so doing it now would be just fine.
> I vote #2 since I don't think we are really going to have any lose of
> info.  But if people want it I'll go #3 since I don't think it will hurt
> anything.

2 sounds reasonable to me.  Reckon sgrubb will speak up if it violates
some audit requirement.


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