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Latest Audit on RHEL 5.2


I have some systems with RHEL 5.2 (a server and three workstations) that I'd like to put the latest audit software on to put me on the path of getting NISPOM approval. My plan is to get to the point that I will have prelude running with information display via Prewikka.

1) I have read the HowTo at http://people.redhat.com/sgrubb/audit/prelude.txt but it seems rather old as it talks about audit 1.6.6 to 1.6.7 upgrading and updates to come after things have been checked out.  Does anyone have any updates to this procedure that will be helpful?

2) The pre-reqs for audit-1.7.9-1.src.rpm says it needs glibc-kernheaders >= 3.0-14. I must not understand what this is asking for. Is this some kind of abbreviation?  Where can I find this?

Any thoughts anyone has that might help me on my path will be greatly appreciated.  There doesn't seem to be any way to search the archives of this mailing list.  Is that correct or have I missed something?

Dan Gruhn

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