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Re: Performance of libauparse

Eric Paris wrote:
On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 15:18 -0400, John Dennis wrote:
Eric likes to point out we can't change the kernel

Close, but not quite.  I say we can't change the kernel without complete
backwards compatibility.  Show me the right solution and we can get
there, we just can't throw away what's already there.

My other mail listed 6 ways in which audit *has already broken* userspace through non-backwards compatibility. That list came from a very quick search, and were only the changes which unarguably broke userspace. There are undoubtedly far more. If you look at those 6 changes, each has been a genuine improvement but broke userspace nonetheless. The situation is still very messy, and this will continue to happen because the protocol has evolved organically rather than through deliberate design, and was not designed for extensibility.

The next time somebody suggests breaking userspace you could take the opportunity to implement a new protocol instead. The current protocol could be frozen, and the new protocol implemented in parallel. It seems to me that the biggest chunk of work to do this would be in the protocol design. As the same data will likely be output in the same places, most of the coding should be donkey work to change the format. As far as kernel infrastructure changes go, this wouldn't be a big one.

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