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DWIM audit tools

Has anybody been looking at making writing audit rules a bit more DWIM. E.g. when the user types:

auditctl -a entry,always -S stat

what they almost certainly meant was:

auditctl -a entry,always -F arch=i386 -S oldstat -S oldfstat -S ustat -S oldlstat -S stat -S lstat -S fstat -S stat64 -S lstat64 -S fstat64 auditctl -a entry,always -F arch=x86_64 -S stat -S fstat -S lstat -S ustat [1]

It would be really helpful if this kind of knowlege was encapsulated somewhere. If you were going to put it into auditctl, I suspect you'd want a separate switch for it so you could still be specific if you needed it. Is anybody looking at anything like this?


[1] If anybody points out an error in here, they're just making my point for me :P
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