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aggregation/viewer question

Has anyone been thinking about how to store/maintain the aggregated
audit data long-term?

In my setup, I will be sending data from several machines to one central
log host.

After a while, the number of logs/data will grow large. With hundreds of
files, the rotate will take more time and the audit-viewer "select
source" option becomes tedious. Most of my searches involve
time/host/user. Using the prelude plugin helps a lot, because it
highlights what is otherwise hidden in the data pool. But pulling out
that record from a selection of log files isn't currently intuitive.

I would think we'd put these into a RDB or structure them by time
directory structure something like year/month/week ... or maybe
something else entirely. I'm thinking also about ease of backup/restore
with incoming records. I'd hate to shut down all the sending clients
just to backup or restore my audit data, so that part will need to
operate asynchronously.

Before striking out on my own I thought I'd ask the list and see if
there are any such plans already in the works.

As a suggestion, the prewikka viewer seems like a workable model. I
realize that viewer is built around the IDS structure, but as an event
search tool it is pretty good and mostly complete. Having network access
to it is also a nice feature.

So right now I think that feeding the events into a DB and then using a
tool with the same capabilities as are in the prewikka viewer would be a
viable option. Others? Ideas?

Thanks in advance,

LC (Lenny) Bruzenak
lenny magitekltd com

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