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Re: audit collector startup help

> Is there a HOWTO for activating the 1.7.5 aggregating feature?

Just the man pages.

> I believe that the collector needs to uncomment the lines
> in /etc/auditd/auditd.conf and the senders/clients need to set
> active=yes, remote=<IP-address> in the  audisp-remote.conf file.

The collector needs the listener configured in /etc/audit/auditd.conf:

tcp_listen_port = 1237

The clients need the audisp-remote module enabled and configured:

active = yes

remote_server =   (your server's IP, not mine ;)
port = 1237  (or use some other port, up to you)
transport = tcp

Additional options:
format = managed
network_retry_time = 1
max_tries_per_record = 10
max_time_per_record = 7

You'll have to enable the connection through tcp_wrappers as well, if
you have that option enabled, as well as whatever firewall rules may

> However, my collector auditd fails on start;


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