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Re: [RFC] Do away with entry filter


Just as a reminder to everyone, this proposal has been put in svn trunk as 
commit #300. I hope to have audit 2.0 out later this week.


On Friday 27 February 2009 09:54:11 am Steve Grubb wrote:
> I will be forking the user space audit code soon to start the next major
> series. I have a couple thoughts I'd like to share with people to see what
> they think.
> The first item is doing away with the entry filter for syscall auditing.
> You normally run across this filter when you write rules such as:
> -a always,entry -S open
> The reason I think we can do away with it is that its purpose has changed.
> Way back in the early days 2.6.6 -> 2.6.15 kernels, there was this notion
> that the audit code could be made to have little impact on the performance
> of the system if we give hints about what is needed by using "possible"
> actions.
> The problem with "possible" was that people forgot to use it and had exit
> filter rules that had no data to operate on. So, we changed the kernel to
> always collect the data it needed in case an exit filter would trigger an
> event. This was optimized and performance was pretty good. So, that kind of
> left the entry filter without a purpose.
> Any entry rule can be written as an exit rule. But not every exit rule can
> be written as an entry rule. So the logical choice is to consolidate on the
> exit filter. The reason to do this is to improve performance. If we have an
> entry rule that triggers, it marks the syscall excursion as auditable. When
> we get to the exit filter, it iterates over the whole set of rules even
> though the event is auditable. This is because there could be a never rule
> that would suppress the output. Another problem introduced by having two
> filters is that some fields are not available in the entry filter (exit for
> example), it adds complexity in the auditctl program and the in-kernel rule
> parser to look for these errors.
> The way that we could make the change is for the audit package to silently
> convert entry rules to exit in user space. It could output a warning that
> entry rules are being converted and the admin should make the necessary
> adjustments. Then after some time has elapsed so that distros have all
> updated, drop support in the kernel for the entry filter.
> Let's discuss...
> Thanks,
> -Steve

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