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Re: audit-viewer


Miloslav Trmac wrote:
----- "Dan Gruhn" <Dan Gruhn groupw com> wrote:
I am getting this error when audit viewer starts:

# audit-viewer
Error reading audit events: No such file or directory.

Thinking that perhaps something is pointing to the wrong files, I attempted to use Window/Change event source.. . Then I get this:
  File "/usr/local/share/audit-viewer/source_dialog.py", line 161, in

TypeError: iter should be a GtkTreeIter
This crash is a bug in audit-viewer, I'll fix it for the next release.
I look forward to that.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think the problem is caused by the fact that audit-viewer searches for audit logs in the --prefix subtree (as specified by configure). You can verify the used path by running (strings /your/prefix/libexec/audit-viewer-server-real |grep /log/audit); If it is not /var/log/audit, you'll need to rebuild audit-viewer, specifying --localstatedir=/var .
You are right, the path was /usr/local/var/log/audit. Once I recompiled with this change everything seems to be working. Does this default of --prefix subree make sense in any situation? I ask because perhaps a default of /var would more often produce the correct result.
I'll document the necessity to use --localstatedir.

Thank you,
Thank you for taking the time to lead me through all of this. I think I am on my way now.


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