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Re: A change to string encoding

On Tuesday 10 March 2009 07:07:17 am Matthew Booth wrote:
> The problem with current string encoding is that it is parsable, but
> non-human readable.

There are times when it has things that would never be human readable.

> URL encoding is just one way to achieve this, and has the advantage of
> being widely implemented. 

Inside the kernel?

> I'm sure this has been considered before. Given that it's a road I'm
> considering heading down, what were the reasons for not doing it?

Can you encode data structures in it? The kernel developer at the time wanted 
something that was either already in the kernel or something that could be 
implemented in a couple lines of code and something that works for any kind 
of encoding that needed to be done. So, I think minimal amount of code and 
maximum flexibility is what drove the decision.


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