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Re: A change to string encoding

Steve Grubb wrote:
Can you encode data structures in it? The kernel developer at the time wanted something that was either already in the kernel or something that could be implemented in a couple lines of code and something that works for any kind of encoding that needed to be done. So, I think minimal amount of code and maximum flexibility is what drove the decision.
The comment was *not* about encoding data structures, rather it was about string encoding.

I have provided code in the past which encodes a string according to the ISO C99 standard. It does not tax the kernel, use excessive resources, or is complicated in any sense whatsoever (it's just a per character table lookup) and wraps the result in double quotes.

Yes, this would change the output of the kernel audit data, which does have the potential to break existing user code. However, it's often been stated only the official audit libraries should ever be used to read audit data and if that recommendation still holds then the audit libraries should be capable of gracefully handling either the old or new format providing a transparent transition.

I hope at some point we can start to address this reoccurring issue.

John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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