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Backwards-compatible string encoding

Hello all,

I have just run into the problem that many of you have: trying to parse the audit logs.

Yesterday I read through the linux-audit mail archive. Here are the related topics I have found:

From these I see these requirements (correct me if I am wrong):
- must be backwards-compatible (doesn't break user-space on FC2, etc)
- kernel does no verifying of incoming user-space strings
- kernel must output strings in a "simple" format (e.g. no XML :-)
- able to write a parser that guarantees all (relevant) input ends up in output
- use disk space efficiently
- handle UTF-8

Based on things other people have proposed, how does this sound:
- radix prefixes for any non-base10 number (I think audit mostly does this already?)
- hex-encode strings (and do not quote) if:
-- contains non-ASCII or non-printable characters
- quote strings if:
-- contains whitespace or '=' or '"' (in which case you have to output something like '\"'
-- entirely {hex,octal,base10} characters

Or we could just save a little more headache at the cost of space/readability and hex-encode on '=' and '"' too. Looking at auparse, we may have to hexencode with embedded '"'.

Check if you need to encode first, then check for quoting. Something like...

// somewhere in kernel/audit.c ?
char *audit_log_sane_string(char *str, size_t slen) {

int quoteme = 0;
size_t i, numhex = 0;

for(i = 0; i < slen; i++) {
  if (!isprint(str[i])) return(hexencode(str));
  if (isspace(str[i]) || str[i] == '=' || str[i] == '"') quoteme = 1;
  if (isxdigit(str[i])) numhex++; // xdigit covers base8,10,16

if (quoteme || numhex == slen) return(quote(str));

return(strdup(str)); // kstrdup...?


Oh, and if anyone has ideas for making shadow-utils play nicer with audit, I possibly have that kind of time on my hands. Also, getting rid of the extra punctuation [:(,)] would be great.

What do you all think?

Joshua Roys

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