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Re: audit rotate question

LC Bruzenak wrote:
> If I do a "service auditd rotate" it just sends the auditd the USR1
> signal which means "start the rotation".
> On a slow/burdened machine with many files this is not immediate.
> I am trying to run a cron job which will :
> mkdir /var/log/audit-archive/
> service auditd rotate
> mv /var/log/audit/audit.log.* /var/log/audit-archive/
> But the files listed are not through rotating so it has issues (file not
> found, leaves behind the last one rotated - audit.log.1, etc.).
> How can I tell when the rotate is complete so I can move the files out?
> I'm sure there is a simple way but I cannot see it.

Set an inotify watch on the *directory*, you'll be able to see when the
files are renamed and created. The package inotify-tools may be of help,
there are also inotify python bindings. If neither of those work for you
I can send C you code which will perform the inotify watch.

John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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