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Re: Log rotation and client disconnects

On Thursday, August 12, 2010 10:02:29 am rshaw1 umbc edu wrote:
> I've discovered the issue since I sent it, anyway.  If num_logs is set to
> 0, auditd will ignore explicit requests to rotate the logs.  I guess this
> may be intentional, but it's unfortunate as num_logs caps at 99 and I need
> to keep 365 of them.

Have you looked at the keep_logs option for max_log_file_action?

> I suppose that since I'll have to rename and bzip
> them anyway, I may as well just move them to another location (maybe
> /var/log/audit/archive) so that auditd doesn't "see" them, unless there's
> a better way to do this.

Yes, you should archive them away since by being in /var/log/audit, they are 
used in calculating the log space left. 

> I'm still not sure what to do about the disconnection issues (although
> hopefully those will be very infrequent once I'm no longer restarting any
> of the daemons).  If a client does lose the connection to the server for a
> while though (say, an hour-long network outage for networking upgrades),
> I'd like to be able to tell them to try reconnecting periodically, and the
> combination of network_retry_time and max_tries_per_record doesn't seem to
> be the way to do that.
> Other than checking the logs, is there a way to determine whether or not a
> running audispd is connected to the remote server?

It logs this. Also I suppose you could peek into its open descriptors with 
lsof or just checking in /proc.


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