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Re: Log rotation and client disconnects

> On Thursday, August 12, 2010 10:02:29 am rshaw1 umbc edu wrote:
>> I've discovered the issue since I sent it, anyway.  If num_logs is set
>> to
>> 0, auditd will ignore explicit requests to rotate the logs.  I guess
>> this
>> may be intentional, but it's unfortunate as num_logs caps at 99 and I
>> need
>> to keep 365 of them.
> Have you looked at the keep_logs option for max_log_file_action?

I did, but the man page states that keep_logs is similar to rotate, so it
sounds like if I used this option, it would still rotate the log file if
it went above the max_log_file size, which I don't want to happen.  I
suppose I could just set max_log_file to 99999 or something (if that's
supported).  Typically, uncompressed log files for ~400 clients on the
central server end up being around 3-4Gb.

Thanks for all the help so far; I think I'm almost there.


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