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Re: Log rotation and client disconnects

On Fri, 2010-08-13 at 11:06 -0400, rshaw1 umbc edu wrote:

> (Technology preview or no, I'm very happy to have audisp; certain other
> systems aren't so lucky.)

I agree.

> Well, I can't run aureport --summary; it pegs the CPU for hours and hours.
>  That's not really a big deal for me, though.  I have a script that runs
> shortly after the logs are rotated, generating a report based on the
> previous day's data.  It's using 3 aureports and one ausearch (piped
> through a bunch of stuff).  Usually takes less than 15 minutes to run.  At
> the moment, this is the main way we're using the data, though I'm hoping
> to do more in the future.  I've glanced at the audit+Prelude HOWTO, since
> Prelude can do a few other things that appeal to me.

I use this. Works pretty well.

> (The ausearch used to be an aureport, but aureport --anomaly -i doesn't
> seem to get the node/host names from the logs, which is why I ended up
> writing my own thing.  Interestingly, --anomaly isn't even in the man page
> for aureport; I've no idea where I found it.  I don't know if any of this
> is different in more recent versions.)

That's a doc bug I guess. I have never heard of it.

> Hrm.  This is what I have:
> network_retry_time = 30
> max_tries_per_record = 60
> max_time_per_record = 5
> network_failure_action = syslog (looks like I'll be changing that)
> ...
> remote_ending_action = reconnect
> Are you using the heartbeat_timeout stuff?  I haven't been.
network_retry_time = 1
max_tries_per_record = 10
max_time_per_record = 10
heartbeat_timeout = 30
remote_ending_action = reconnect

> > Also - I have a big ugly system involving timestamps and reconnect
> > logic.
> Yeah, I think I might come up with something like that, and use the "exec"
> option for network_failure_action combined with cron stuff to keep
> retrying.

That is what I do. It gets a little tricky, but it works.


LC (Lenny) Bruzenak
lenny magitekltd com

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