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RE: Lockout record

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the info!  I do see the USER_AUTH events which I didn't know about so thanks. 

I may have something mis-configured, but for instance in my pam.d/sshd file I have deny=5

I can see the 5 failed attempts as type=USER_AUTH with res=failed, but the RESP_ACCT_LOCK doesn't show up until the 6th login attempt and a message gets displayed to the user "Your account is locked. Maximum amount of failed attempts was reached."

Does a lock event get written to the audit.log on the 5th attempt? (I didn't see RESP_ACCT_LOCK_TIMED in the log).  A Red Hat KB article and Tech Support indicates that the lock happens at deny=n + 1, but it seems to happen at deny=n.  The lock event seems to get recorded at deny=n + 1. 


Steve M. Zak

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On Wednesday, December 01, 2010 03:01:50 pm Steve M. Zak wrote:
> Does the audit system have a watch that will show account lockouts in 
> real time?

You do not need to set any watch, pam sends a RESP_ACCT_LOCK_TIMED event when the account is locked. Before that, the account is not locked. It is counting bad authentication attempts and sending USER_AUTH events as the user tries to login.
> The pam implementation doesn't write to the logs until after the deny= 
> number has been exceeded.

Pam writes something every time. It sends 2 different events because a bad auth is not a lockout.


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