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Re: How to learn the Message type?

On Wednesday 30 December 2009 09:59:49 pm 陈洁丹 wrote:
> Every record contains a  type field.It's about the message type such as
> Does AVC mean  Mandatory Access Control ?

Specifically, its a SE Linux access control decision. You have to look at the 
syscall record to see if it was actually successful.

> Is all the messag types listed in msg_typetab.h?

Yes. There are a few more, but you will never see them since they are command 
types rather than events.

> What do they mean exactly?
> Where can I  get the information about them?

The header file usually has a brief 1 sentence comment about what its used for. 
You would look in 1 of 2 places:


> I look into the _LIBAUDIT_H_ , and find this sentence
>  * 1300 - 1399 audit event messages
> But in this file , I find nothing about audit event message
> Can anyone give me an URL or give a book for me about the audit event
> message?

The audit events are divided into broad categories so that similar events are 
in the same range of numbers. This is what its referring to. But look at the 2 
header files and you should know more about it.


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