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RE: filter specific file from specific program

Hi Lance,
  I had this same issue when I started indexing audit.log using Splunk. I have all but one system running the Unix app in Splunk to index the audit file (found under apps, *NIX , setup). It polls the var/log/audit/audit.log file using ausearch. This does not create a splunkd entry in the log file. This works great because it will convert user IDs to a user name not a number. However, I have a system that this process will not work on (still not sure why).  On this one, I did create a rule with the help of Steve Grubb (thanks) to have my /etc/audit/audit.rules ignore the process splunkd and root touches to /var/log/audit.log. My splunkd runs with root privileges. My OS is Redhat 5.5 enterprise.

Audit.rules entry:
-a exit,always -F dir=/var/log/audit/ -F auid>500 -F auid!=-1 -k audit.logs

Using this, I have to tag the UID with the actual user name in Splunk.

Hope this helps,
David Fisher

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Subject: filter specific file from specific program

I have a need to filter a file from auditing, but only from a specific process.  
We are running splunk, and indexing /var/log/audit/audit.log.  We want audit.log to be monitored, so we are using a dir watch on /var/log/audit, but we just don't want splunk access to be reported.  Filtering on obj_type doesn't work (-F obj_type=auditd_log_t), because it filters everything, not that specific process.  However, it actually spawns another process to do the actual access, so I can't filter on pid either.  It runs unconfined, so I can't filter on subj_type=unconfined_t, because that would filter way too much.

It was suggested to me to use audit roles.  If this is something separate from selinux context, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?  I only want to filter out (not audit) access to audit.log from the specific process /opt/splunkforwarder/bin/splunkd (and any forks it may do).

I've been looking at creating a separate selinux context for splunk, which will do the trick, but is proving harder than I thought because it ends up forking off other programs, like top and rpm and nptdate, that run under different contexts than splunk (unconfined_t, rpm_t, and ntpdate_t respectively), so being confined to a splunk_t type prevents those programs from running properly.

If anybody has any idea, or can point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it.


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