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Re: test patch for auditctl inter-field comparisons on euid/uid, egid/gid

On Sunday, December 11, 2011 02:09:27 PM Peter Moody wrote:
> This patch extends Eric's test patch from 11/17 (
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/linux-audit/2011-November/msg00045.html).
> This turns -C into a long opt with similar syntax to -F.


> One strange thing related to this patch: auditd seems to be reporting
> success for a normal user process (gklrellm) opening /proc/meminfo (mode
> 444) O_RDWR, and I don't see how this is possible.  eg:
> type=SYSCALL msg=audit(1323540255.146:97): arch=c000003e syscall=2
> success=yes exit=13 a0=4b1972 a1=0 a2=1b6 a3=0 items=1 ppid=1704 pid=1797
> auid=11532 uid=11532 gid=5000 euid=11532 suid=11532 fsuid=11532 egid=5000
> sgid=5000 fsgid=5000 tty=(none) ses=1 comm="gkrellm" exe="/usr/bin/gkrellm"
> key="permissive"
> type=CWD msg=audit(1323540255.146:97):  cwd="/home/pmoody"
> type=PATH msg=audit(1323540255.146:97): item=0 name="/proc/meminfo" inode=
> 4026532008 dev=00:03 mode=0100444 ouid=0 ogid=0 rdev=00:00
> hopefully someone with more auditd internal knowledge can explain what's
> going on.

Simple, int open(const char *pathname, int flags, mode_t mode);

So, we want to look at a1's contents. Its a zero. So, let's look that up in 

#define O_RDONLY        00000000
#define O_WRONLY        00000001
#define O_RDWR          00000002

So, it would appear open is called with O_RDONLY, which is allowed by the 
permissions 0444.

> auditctl -l doesn't know how to report this yet; if this patch is generally
> acceptable, I can try to fix that and update the manpage, etc.

Yes, auditctl -l will have to be updated. If you want to do that, it would be 
helpful. Also, see the comments on the other patch in case it affects this one.


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