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Re: [PATCH] auvirt: a new tool for reporting events related to virtual machines

On Thursday, December 15, 2011 10:56:51 AM Marcelo Cerri wrote:
> This patch adds a new tool to extract information related to virtual
> machines from the audit log files. It can output a summary with
> information about the number of events found with details by type of
> record and operation. The tool can also output the filtered records as
> found in the audit log.
> Using the --avc option auvirt tries to correlate AVC records to the guests
> based on its security context. It's also possible to select records related
> to just one guest using the UUID or the guest name.

I'm wondering about this tool. It runs fine. But I thought you were wanting to do 
some more sophisticated analysis of events. For example this is the current 

$ ./auvirt --file ../../../virt-audit.log
Total records:      6
Virt records:       6
Resource records:   4
Machine ID records: 1
AVC records:        0
  Start:            1
  Stop:             0
Considered time:
  Start:            Tue Dec 20 09:33:01 2011
  End:              Tue Dec 20 09:33:01 2011

This is not much different than what can be reported by ausearch/report with the 
new uuid and vm search fields. Also, testing with the uuid number doesn't seem to 
get any hits. But using the vm name does. 

I plan to add a very basic virt report to aureport soon. I was wondering if the 
above is all anyone really wanted to see? I would think that perhaps you want 
some info about start/stop assignment of resources, changes in resources, and 
perhaps MAC or anomaly events related to a vm. But laid out like the aulast 

boot  vm-name   time  (total runtime)
resource  what-kind  old-value  new-value  time (total time assigned)
avc   access-type  obj  results  time
shutdown  vm-name  time

and there might be other audit events associated with a vm.


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