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Question - Rule Syntax


New auditd list member here. I just started playing around with auditd. I was wondering if someone might be kind enough to answer a question I have. I am attempting to create a rule that will audit privileged commands for UID's greater than 500 but ignore one particular user that falls under this rule. The user I am trying to ignore is the only user that should be touching the file.

Below is the rule.


## Ensure auditd Collects Information on the Use of Privileged Commands

-a always,exit -F path=/opt/varonis1.6.0106/bin/ls -F perm=x -F
auid>=500 -F auid!=4294967295 -F auid!=505 -k privileged

#### END RULE SNIP ####

Is the rule syntax above correct? If not how would I audit all users with UID above 500 but still ignore one particular user?

Thank you and happy holidays,


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