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Re: expected performance hit for logging all execve's?

On Friday, January 20, 2012 03:06:13 PM Peter Moody wrote:
> I'm trying to run some tests so I can find locally relevant numbers,
> but I was wondering if you had any idea what sort of performance hit
> I'd be incurring by logging every successful execve.
> To be sure, I consider this a bad idea and I'm actually looking to
> disuade people of it.

It is a bad idea. Think of shell scripting.You can get 100s of execve's for just 
one command on a command line. You'll never find what you think you wanted. I 
think we did some testing over 5 years ago. There was a micro-benchmark here:


I think it was testing the access syscall. But you can substitute what you want. 
I have not benchmarked the audit system in years.


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