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RE: Output of aureport in columns

Is it possible that the output for these tools is not directed to STDOUT completely?  In which case you might have better luck redirecting output with something like 2>&1?

Just a thought...

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On Thursday, July 12, 2012 04:26:25 PM Michael Mather wrote:
> Hi,
> I have managed to find an easy way to put the output of aureport into
> neat columns. For example:
> aureport -i -f | sed 's/=====/==== /g' | column -t
> However, if I combine this with ausearch, as in:
> ausearch -k ROOT |aureport -i -f | sed .....

Is this really the ausearch portion or did you omit some parameters for brevity?

> then some lines come out properly and some have extra data that shifts
> everything off. For example, here are two successive lines from the
> output. The first has 9 fields and the second 15:
> 311. 12-07-12 16:21:03 /proc/self/loginuid open yes /usr/bin/sudo mm 597
> 312. 12-07-12 16:21:03 (null) inode=970 dev=08:01 mode=0100755 ouid=0
> ogid=0 rdev=00:00 execve yes /sbin/aureport root 599
> What is happening?

Does it behave better if you add --raw to the ausearch portion?


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