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Re: [PATCH 0/5] Build time disabling of auditd network listener

On 2012-08-01 00:00:19, Tyler Hicks wrote:
> Hello Steve - This is a patch set that allows --disable-listener to be passed
> to the configure script to disable the auditd network listener code at build
> time. The reasoning is that a large number of users do not need centralized
> audit logging and removing the network listening code from a root-owned auditd
> process is appealing from a security perspective.
> The existing implementation clearly does not initialize the listener when
> tcp_listen_port is undefined in auditd.conf, but I still think there is value
> in not having the listening code present in all auditd installations.

Hi Steve - Do you have any thoughts on this idea? Thanks!


> The first three patches in the set are refactoring patches to move nearly all of
> the listening code into auditd-listen.c in order to minimize the number of
> ifdefs that would need to be scattered throughout C source files. The fourth
> patch is an optional cleanup patch. The last patch introduces the
> --disable-listener option.
> The auditd listener code is still enabled by default so that existing distro
> packaging recipes will not need to be updated.
> I look forward to your feedback. Thanks!
> Tyler
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