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Re: [RFC PATCH] audit: correctly record file names with different path name types

On 2014/12/4 5:27, Paul Moore wrote:
> I setup my system using your configuration and the system booted and ran the 
> regression test described in the patch description without problem.  I know of 
> at least one other person that has tested this patch without problem as well.

> I know that many embedded systems include several kernel patches that deviate 
> from the upstream sources (device drivers, etc.), is that the case with your 
> system?
I'm not sure, probably not.

> I did test your configuration, without problem.  I suspect there is some sort 
> of conflict between the patch and one of the kernel patches in your system.  
> Is there any chance you can debug the problem you saw?
We have a plan to upgrade kernel version from linux 3.10 to linux 3.18.
My colleagues are about to testing your patch with new kernel next week.
So maybe we can find the cause of the panic in my environment in a few

> I'm going to remove the CC:stable from the patch description to be safe, but 
> as of right now I think it is reasonable to include the patch in the audit 
> next branch.
Go ahead~

I will inform you if we fix the panic in my environment as soon as



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