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Re: [Linux-cachefs] Anybody out there?

Look at the mm patches for 2.6.12-rc*. That's the most recent stuff I've found. There's docs in it with API info as well.


Eric Van Hensbergen wrote:

On 4/25/05, David Howells <dhowells redhat com> wrote:

Sean <seanb lanl gov> wrote:

Other than spammers and David's patch tuesday, this list has been pretty
quiet. Is anyone working on an nfs-fscache patch? I'm interested in
using nfs-fscache on our clusters. I pulled SteveD's 2.6.9 patch but
haven't seen anything since then.

Yes. We're working on it again here. I'm look at simplifying the FS-Cache
interface, improving the performance of CacheFS and writing an alternative
backend that can use cache files.

I've been working on a 9P2000 distributed file system port to Linux (v9fs) -- the nature of the protocol is such that it is undesirable to use the linux page cache or dcache for all file systems, however, for static file systems it is desirable to have a cache layer provide these services. I was interested in trying to hook v9fs into CacheFS -- are there any resources outside of the code to read up the interface/implementation? Where can the most recent sent of CacheFS patches be grabed from?


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