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[Linux-cachefs] Re: [PATCH 0/7] Permit filesystem local caching and NFS superblock sharing [try #13]

On Fri, 01 Sep 2006 14:08:34 +0100
David Howells <dhowells redhat com> wrote:

> Andrew Morton <akpm osdl org> wrote:
> > Your CONFIG_BLOCK patches did a decent job of trashing your
> > fs-cache-make-kafs-* patches, btw.  What's up with that?  OK, it's sensible
> > for people to work against mainline but the net effect of doing that is to
> > create a mess for other people to clean up.
> It seems the only problem in my patches is that the file address space
> operations have had the sync_pages op removed in a patch in the
> disable-block-layer patchset as it's no longer necessary.
> However, as I suspect you're applying the block patches *before* the FS-Cache
> patches,

Yes, I stage the subsystem trees ahead of everything else.  So a) things
which get merged into a subsystem tree effectively do a queue-jump and b) I
spend much of the merge window twiddling thumbs until the git trees have

> I can't give you an incremental patch that you can apply after the
> other fs-cache-make-kafs-* patches, since you need to modify the first patch
> (fs-cache-make-kafs-use-fs-cache.patch) to get it to apply at all now.
> So, I could issue a revised AFS+FS-Cache patch, would that do?  Or would you
> rather have a patch that you can apply to the one you already have directly
> and modify it in place?

I fixed it all up, I think.  Please review-and-test rc5-mm1 (including
hot-fixes/ contents, which grows apace).

nfs automounter submounts are still broken in Trond's tree, btw.  Are we stuck?

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