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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS 6.0 node without quorum tries to fence

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Hi all,

|>But if you do it that way, and you really have a netsplit, won't you get
|>into a "quickdraw" situation where each of the newly formed clusters are
|>trying to fence out the others?  In the worst case, all the nodes get
|>reset and nobody is happy.  But maybe the worst case happens so
|>infrequently that it is better than always losing the cluster whenever
|>quorum is lost.
| yes, worst case everyone reboots.  BUT! the data on disc is safe.  There
| is probbly a better way to go about this, but we've currently kept the
| idea that an unexpected reboot is better than looking for backup tapes.

I think you would need a form of /atomic fencing/ )which is not really
possible afaik) to resolve this problem. It's a race, and as long as you
can't do it atomically you can always reach above worst case state.

- - Amir
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