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[Linux-cluster] Re: Call for presentation materials; Attendee List

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 02:27:46PM -0400, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> And thanks for your part in making the first-ever Minneapolis Cluster 
> Summit a great success.  Here is the attendee list as promised, in the 
> form of a massive cc list.  You're encouraged to "Reply All" with any 
> comments, suggestions, gripes, flames or other constructive material.  
> Please don't worry about generating n-squared traffic, as n is yet low.

The attendee list is good for everyone who attended to have, but let's not
use it as a primary means of communication (see below)
> There may be a few names on the list who didn't actually make it; no 
> matter, I'd rather err on the side of not leaving anybody out who was 
> there.  If you know of anybody I left out, could you please email me.

Trying to keep track of people that need to be added to this CC list is
going to be a real pain.  I know for a fact at least 3 people from the Red
Hat team have been accidentally left off of the list, not to mention what
happens if people's e-mail address change, or they don't want to get this
traffic anymore.

I strongly recommend people post to linux-cluster redhat com if they want
everyone involved to see what's going on.  There is also the added advantage
that discussions will be preserved for future reference in the mailing list
> Speakers:
> Including non-Red Hat speakers, please send me your slides and any 
> supporting materials you feel are relevant.  Even (pointers to) code 
> would be fine, and white papers certainly qualify.  Even png scans of 
> napkins might get posted :-)  This is all for posting to the community 
> cluster site.
> Please send attachments, not URL's, except for code and/or links to 
> project homepages.  Please indicate which text/links in your email are 
> to appear on the web page.  Please include a short bio, just a few 
> words.

Anyone on linux-cluster who has material to post on the
source.redhat.com/cluster web page, please post to the list asking for its
> Everybody:
> This cc list is for ongoing discussion of the material we covered at the 
> summit, in particular:
>    * Possible amendments to CMAN interfaces to accommodate your
>      own project - now is a good time to speak.
>    * Possible amendments to GDLM, with a view to adoption by other
>      projects besides GFS
>    * Mainline submission track.  Code and [RFC]'s should start
>      appearing on lkml in October.  What code?  How changed?  What
>      supporting arguments?  Now is the time to sort that out.
>    * Clustered Samba: anybody out there willing to look at how to
>      graft oplocks, weird case translations, clustered tdb, etc onto
>      gfs, please shout
>    Anything else that's on your mind

Seems to me all this should be discussed on linux-cluster as well.
> The conference information page has been updated with the "as built" 
> conference schedule:
>    http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/events/summit2004/info.html
> Thanks once again for your tremendous support.
> Regards,
> Daniel

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