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[Linux-cluster] Final nag for summit presentation materials

Hi all,

This is the final nag for presentation materials.

Patrick, I didn't receive anything for the CMAN or DLM presentations so 
I extracted portions of your overview and placed them on those talks. 
Therefore, some material is duplicated.  Please send me more stuff if 
you have issues with this.

That leaves only Alasdair with nothing on the site.  Alasdair??

Otherwise, it's starting to look decent, though it does tend to send the 
message "we can't be bothered to post more detailed information".  It 
also sends the message "at least there's something, we're trying".

Speakers, please look over your own presentations and at least try all 
the links.  I you think your presentation looks threadbare, just send 
more material.


Thanks to everybody who sent stuff.  In general it is first-rate, even 
if terse.



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