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[Linux-cluster] Subversion?

Hi everybody,

I was just taking a look at this article and I thought, maybe this would 
be a good time to show some leadership as a project, and take the 
Subversion plunge:


Subversion is basically CVS as it should have been.  It's mature now.  
The number of complaints I have noticed from users out there is roughly 
zero.  Subversion _versions directories_.  Etc.  Etc.

The only negative I can think of is that some folks may not have 
Subversion installed.  But that is what tarballs are for.

Our project development is not highly parallel at this point, so our 
repository serves more as a place for maintainers of the individual 
subprojects to post current code.  So there isn't a great need for a 
distributed VCS like Bitkeeper or Arch.




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