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Re: [Linux-cluster] Subversion?

Hi John,

On Monday 23 August 2004 13:07, John Cherry wrote:
> I understand that subversion is quite nice, but kernel developers
> have adopted bitkeeper (at least Linus and several of his
> maintainers). While you may not need all the distributed capabilities 
> of bitkeeper now, it is sure nice to have a tool that allows for
> non-local repositories and change set tracking outside of the main
> repository (as Kevin so clearly stated).

In my humble opinion, Bitkeeper does not have a snowball's chance in 
hell of getting established on sources.redhat.com.

> Since mainline kernel acceptance of the core services is one of the
> objectives here, I would certainly recommend that you consider
> bitkeeper for source control as well.

Just read the license.


"Sometimes it is tempting to sacrifice our rights and freedoms for 
convinience, but we should not do so... with the increasing popularity 
of alternative licenses, it is important [to] determine whether they 
preserve the minimum acceptable amount of freedom and be responsible 
about choosing software that that meets these minimum criteria and 
advances our goals as a community"

This is 3 years old, however there has been no improvement, quite the 



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