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Re: [Linux-cluster] fsck time

Seems a bit high... but it's possible. The fsck, while very thorough and functionally correct, is not very well optimized.

Pass 7 checks for block conflicts. That is, if a file (or dir) has a block in common with another file (or dir).

Each pass is designed to check something different. So, depending on the access patterns, some passes will take longer than others.

Your numbers seem high - especially for the amount of space you are actually using. Part of that time is chewed up looking over the portions of the file system that are not used... If you're just playing around, you may wish to see how the fsck does if the fs is smaller but the contents are the same.


On Aug 25, 2004, at 5:42 PM, Adam Cassar wrote:

Using the latest CVS code I attempted to run fsck on an 800G GFS partition (of which about 200 meg was used). The fsck took:

Pass 7:  done  (3:53:57)
gfs_fsck Complete  (3:54:41).

Is this time to be expected?

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