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Re: [Linux-cluster] fencing behaviour

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 03:12:40PM +1000, Adam Cassar wrote:
> The below node in question does not get fenced by the other nodes!
> It only occurs after a reboot and it joins the cluster. Only then does
> the other node want to fence it. Is this normal?

Yes.  When the node dies, services (fencing, dlm, gfs) are suspended.  If
the cluster still has quorum, these services are re-enabled immediately.
If the cluster has lost quorum, the services are not re-enabled until the
cluster regains quorum, which is what you're seeing.

Fencing occurs when the fencing service is re-enabled and performs
recovery.  This is happening when your failed node rejoins the cluster,
giving it quorum again.  When doing recovery, the fencing daemon is smart
enough to see that the failed node has rejoined the cluster and will
bypass the now useless fencing operation for it.

Dave Teigland  <teigland redhat com>

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