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[Linux-cluster] Samba Technical thread

There's a thread started on the Samba-Technical mailing list that has some 
discussion regarding cluster filesystems.  I'm learning fast, but I'm not 
the right one to answer this:


An excerpt:

  The other network-like filesystems - Lustre, SANFS, GPFS, and RedHat's 
  GFS do differ a little..  They differ in that they would attempt
  stricter posix semantics and therefore view themselves as "cluster"  
  rather than "network" filesystems (an odd distinction ... why shouldn't
  a network filesystem simply consider "cluster" in effect a mount option
  which would optimize for higher performance to nearby hosts in the
  cluster and stricter POSIX file semantics rather than relaxed "nfs file
  semantics").  If they had a good standards story with the IETF and were
  inkernel in 2.6, perhaps no one would care, but it seems odd - when you
  can make AFS or CIFS or NFSv4 do the same with rather more trivial

Somehow I think that the above doesn't quite capture what GFS is all 
about.  I'm not trying to start a flamewar, but I'd certainly like to see 
someone provide a clearer explanation than I could do.

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