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[Linux-cluster] gfs fam notify

I have searched the news-group but have not found anyone that has asked
this question. If it has been and i have missed it please point me in
the right direction.

I am using FAM on a box that waits for files to be placed in folders.
Once the it is notified about a new file it will run a script that i
have created. However if the file shows up on another box it is never
notified about the new file. 

-----               -----
- M -    link       - M -
- 1 - ----------    - 2 -
-----               -----

So machine 1 (M1) runs the script and the storage is shared between it
and Machine 2 (M2). If M2 get's the file than M1 does not know about it
and does not run the script. Is there some method that M2 can notify M1
via gfs methods that a file was created/changed? I can just move the
script to the other box, i just want to be sure that there is not
something that i can set to get this to work the way i want. I know this
has something to do with the kernel. if i do a touch on the file on M1
than the script will launch. I hope i have explained this well enough.

Thanks for your time.

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