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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS, how many nodes do you have?

Hi. I run a very similar dual opteron cluster here at CMU and would be very interested in any responses you might have recieved off of the list. Additionally, do you happen to know of any benchmarks of gnbd performance over gigabit?


Marcelo Matus wrote:
Dear GFS list members:

We are planning to install GFS in our new Dual Opteron cluster
(20 nodes, ie 40cpus) and probably to serve some workstation
(another 10-20), considering one GFS server and using gndb.

I have seen in the list that there were some problems for more
than 10 nodes, but now that is fixed.

Still, the question is, does someone has experience with
~40 clients + 1 GFS server?, is that too much?


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