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RE: [Linux-cluster] A very basic question


We plan on using GFS to share a web document root (i.e.- /var/www) to a
series of load-balanced web servers. The application to be run on these
web servers is PHP/MySQL and is predominantly read-only for the web
files (writes done mainly to the database). The biggest problem we have
is the PHP session id directory which will experience heavy writes.


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On Fri, Dec 10, 2004 at 10:12:29PM -0800, Duncan Morgan wrote:
> Hello,


> If all nodes in a SAN environment to only read (no writes), would GFS
> actually be needed?

It depends, you should say first what is needed from SAN.
Maybe any other network filesystem will fit your requirements, like
NFS/SMB ? Or i'm not understood question.

Anatoly P. Pugachev

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