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RE: [Linux-cluster] A very basic question

I have moved my php session handles into Mysql and had the Mysql 
clustering engine maintain the Sync among the web servers.   It is not 
only faster, but simpler besides.


"Duncan Morgan" <dmorgan gmi-mr com>
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We plan on using GFS to share a web document root (i.e.- /var/www) to a
series of load-balanced web servers. The application to be run on these
web servers is PHP/MySQL and is predominantly read-only for the web
files (writes done mainly to the database). The biggest problem we have
is the PHP session id directory which will experience heavy writes.


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On Fri, Dec 10, 2004 at 10:12:29PM -0800, Duncan Morgan wrote:
> Hello,


> If all nodes in a SAN environment to only read (no writes), would GFS
> actually be needed?

It depends, you should say first what is needed from SAN.
Maybe any other network filesystem will fit your requirements, like
NFS/SMB ? Or i'm not understood question.

Anatoly P. Pugachev

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