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RE: [Linux-cluster] A very basic question


We intend to use the SAN to share a web document root. We want to use
this model because

- to have one consistent data view for all web servers. We have had
problems in the past with having differences on the load-balanced web
servers (despite our best efforts). So with a shared web root, we can
push our latest software revisions to one server only and be guaranteed
a consistent view

- not all web documents are required to be shared but there are some
directories that must be visible across all nodes. We had considered
using rsync to update these regularly but they are very large storage
directories (60 GB +) and the rsync was not only slow but often raised
the loads on the servers

- we have tried to use NFS to share but it was far to slow and unstable

- we are currently using SMB to share, but it is also slow and unstable
when used in this capacity

It looks like the best alternative is to use a GFS-like file system. 

Can you see any other alternative?


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On Fri, Dec 10, 2004 at 10:12:29PM -0800, Duncan Morgan wrote:
> Hello,


> If all nodes in a SAN environment to only read (no writes), would GFS
> actually be needed?

It depends, you should say first what is needed from SAN.
Maybe any other network filesystem will fit your requirements, like
NFS/SMB ? Or i'm not understood question.

Anatoly P. Pugachev

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