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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster is not quorate. refusing connection

[root fouroften mbrookov]# ls `strings /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma.a | grep plugins`
gulm.so*  sm.so*
[root fouroften mbrookov]# strings /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma.a | grep plugins
[root fouroften mbrookov]#

I have been using dlm, is gulm.so bad?

Also, the directory, /work/GFS-FEDORA-try5/cluster/build/lib/magma/plugins, is the build directory and is only available on fouroften.  I did not copy it over to fiveoften.  I will NFS mount /work to fiveoften and retest.  Could this explain why things work on fouroften and not fiveoften?

FYI -- I have been using the --prefix=/usr/local/GFS option in my builds.  Each time I rebuild I rm -rf /usr/local/GFS to ensure that no old copies of libraries/programs are left laying around.  I did add the lib directories to /etc/ld.so.conf, the bin directories to the front of by PATH, and the man directory to /etc/man.conf.

The only place I could find magma libraries was in /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib.  /lib, /usr/lib, and /usr/local/GFS/lib were clean.
[root fouroften mbrookov]# ls /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/*magma*
/usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma.a                       /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma_nt.so@
/usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagmamsg.a                    /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma_nt.so.DEVEL@
/usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagmamsg.so@                  /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma_nt.so.DEVEL.1102700899
/usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagmamsg.so.DEVEL@            /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma.so@
/usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagmamsg.so.DEVEL.1102700899  /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma.so.DEVEL@
/usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma_nt.a                    /usr/local/GFS/usr/lib/libmagma.so.DEVEL.1102700899

I checked fiveoften, it has the same list of files as fouroften.


On Mon, 2004-12-13 at 14:50, Jonathan E Brassow wrote:
On Dec 13, 2004, at 10:30 AM, Matthew B. Brookover wrote:
> The only difference
> between the 2 is the host name and IP address, and the fact that I
> compiled GFS and the kernel on fouroften and copied it to fiveoften.

Is there anything listed when doing 'ls /lib/*magma*'?

What do you get when you:
ls `strings /usr/lib/libmagma.a | grep plugins`


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