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Re: Re: Re: [Linux-cluster] unable to umount GFS

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 06:21:07PM -0000, Raj  Kumar wrote:
> >If it says it's busy, then the filesystem is in use.  You weren't by chance
> >trying to umount while in the directory?  while another filesystem was
> >mounted on GFS?
> No. It looks to me that GFS-->NFS-->Samba was a problem. I was unable to write files onto GFS filesystem via Samba share. The status of smbd is "D" (disk sleep). kill -9 smbd pid didn't work either. Is there any log that I can collect when problems of this kind occur for debugging? 
> Thanks for your input!
> Raj

If NFS was exporting a GFS filesystem, then you will get the filesystem busy

I really don't know what to make of your "GFS-->NFS-->Samba" problem?
Yikes, is Samba exporting a NFS mount that is on GFS?  Seems pretty hairy to
me.  Your problem might lie with Samba if you are trying to run multiple
Samba servers (something that does not work with Samba).  

Adam Manthei  <amanthei redhat com>

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