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Re: [Linux-cluster] problem


What version of GFS are you using?
What are the names of two nodes?
In older versions of GFS this problem appears when the first eight characters of the name are the same. (testnode1 and testnode2)
Also, check if /etc/hosts contains a line like: testnode1 testnode1.domain

Give us more details and we shall try!
Happy Holidays!!


On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 Yazan  Bakheit wrote :
>    i have configured the gfs and i had done everything as mentioned in the
>examlpe comes with the docment for the gfs with oracle9i , but at the last
>step when i perform the mount for the gfs from the first node it takes it ,
>but when i mount the same frome the secaond node (as mentioned in the doc)
>it hanges,and it still hanges until i unmount the same from the first node.
>        so what can i do to mount the from the second node without hanging or
>waiting the first node to do umount .
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