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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and Storage greater than 2 TB

Markus Miller wrote:

researching I found a posting to this list made by Kevin Anderson (Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 17:56:24 -0500) where he states the following:

Maximum size of each GFS filesystem for RHEL3 (2.4.x kernel) is 2 TB,
you can have multiple filesystems of that level.  So, to get access to
10TB of data requires a minimum of 5 separate filesystems/storage

What do I have to do to achive this? Do I have to configure several GFS clusters in the cluster.ccs file (each of a máximum size of 2 TB)? Or do I have to configure one GFS cluster with serveral filesystems each with a maximum size of 2 TB? The GFS Admin Guide is not very precise, but what's really confusing me is the statement on page 12: "2 TB maximum, for total of all storage connected to a GFS cluster."

At the moment we are evaluating to buy servers and storage, therefore I do not have any equipment to do the testing myself.

Any coment is highly apreciated.

It's the GFS filesystem that has the limit (actually, it's the 2.4 kernel). Essentially, "gfs_mkfs" can only handle a maximum of 2TB.

What he means above is that you have to have five separate partitions
of 2TB each and each with a GFS filesystem on them.  You have to mount
those five filesystems separately.  If you're using VG/LVM, with a VG
as "vggroup" and LVs in that group as "test1" through "test5":

	mount -t gfs /dev/mapper/vggroup-test1 /mnt/gfs1
	mount -t gfs /dev/mapper/vggroup-test2 /mnt/gfs2
	mount -t gfs /dev/mapper/vggroup-test3 /mnt/gfs3
	mount -t gfs /dev/mapper/vggroup-test4 /mnt/gfs4
	mount -t gfs /dev/mapper/vggroup-test5 /mnt/gfs5

How you use them after that is up to you.  Just remember that a given
GFS filesystem under kernel 2.4 is limited to 2TB maximum
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