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[Linux-cluster] Kernel panic in fs/gfs_locking/lock_dlm/lock.c


I am running the cluster package rev. 0406282100 using a custom 2.6.7
kernel (vanilla) on three VMware ESX virtual machines sharing one SCSI
disc with GFS on a 10GB logical volume. Setup as proposed in doc/usage.txt, 
mkfs, mount and first tests all went fine until the first machine crashed 
after 20 minutes with the following assertion (messages wrapped):

  lock_dlm:  Assertion failed on line 363 of file 
  lock_dlm:  assertion:  "!error"
  lock_dlm:  time = 2482179
  testfs: num=2,178 err=-22 cur=-1 req=5 lkf=0

  Kernel panic: lock_dlm:  Record message above and reboot.

The other two machines were still running although any process accessing
the GFS mountpoint would block infinitely with the effect that the whole
cluster is torn down.

Kind regards,

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