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Re: [Linux-cluster] ccsd hanging after start on debian unstable

On Sat, 2004-07-03 at 11:07 +0100, Gareth Bult wrote:
> Hi,
> ccsd starts a number of threads ..
> pick the one eating the CPU and "strace -p" it ..

Thanks for this tip, i found some information that might be useful.
There's only one thread created that doesn't show up in ps aux or top,
but it's possible to connect to it by using strace -p  pid-of-parent+1.
Output is heaps of lines like this, constantly looping/scrolling:

socket(PF_BLUETOOTH, SOCK_DGRAM, 3)     = -1 ENETDOWN (Network is down)

So i suspected some weird Bluetooth/GFS interaction. Recompiled the
kernel with Bluetooth support disabled, but same thing. ccs_test seems
to work however, the results returned are correct. I've since double-
checked cluster.xml a few times, that's very likely not the reason
(posted it at http://dl.aulinx.de/gfs/cluster.xml).
Gabriel Wicke

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