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RE: [Linux-cluster] Gfs_data vs gfs_journal

They are both necessary.

gfs_data is the device/partition for filesystem data (i.e. files and
on-disk metadata).

Each node in the cluster also needs a separate journal device/partition
in which to redundantly record metadata, to enable the filesystem to
recover gracefully from node failure/crash.

There's some documentation about this in the OpenGFS project:


CAUTION:  OpenGFS is *not* the same as current RedHat GFS; many things
(e.g. lock protocols) are different ... but the basic idea is the same.
See WHATIS-OpenGFS, and HOWTO-generic, just to see if they help you
understand.  But remember to rely on current RedHat GFS docs for current
installation, components, and capabilities info.

-- Ben --

Opinions are mine, not Intel's

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> Hi,
> Could some one explain or point me in the right direction in the
> differences between gfs_data and gfs_journal in the pool config file.
> Which is the better option, and why?
> Thanks
> Richard.
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