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[Linux-cluster] GFS data access failover

Hi everyone,

I successfully set up a 2-nodes cluster after three days of hard work looking for docs and crashing servers, but it finaly worked and I'm able to export GFS partition from one node to the other using gnbd ;-)

Now my question is : is there any way to use 2 dataservers (maybe replicate data between them but I can manage that on myself) and use a failover (or round-robin) mechanism so that if one of the dataserver crash, my clients can still access the data from the other dataserver ?

As an optional question : I'm trying to use clvmd to propagate lvm config from one node to the other, but when I try to create LV, I've got the following error : 

	Error locking on node XXXX: Internal lvm error, check syslog
	Failed to activate new LV.

and the only log I have on the remote node is : 

	lvm[721]: Volume group for uuid not found: LWuaVGYKeELfrxE16CgW0pUOAilU4CSNmLXVJ3b7i5AsjhWgfszorCRkn5KRCQTU

anyone knows what I'm missing ?


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