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Re: [Linux-cluster] GNBD, how good it is ?

>Which press releases?

Urm, how 'bout this one .. you might not call it a "press release", but I found it via an announcement on a news site ..
maybe it's me but I don't see the words "development", "beta" or "not working yet" listed anywhere  .. ;-)

(Oopses listed on IRC when discovered, someone has them.. bmarzins I think..)


From: Ken Preslan [email blocked]
To:         Linux Kernel Mailing List [email blocked]
Subject:    GFS cluster filesystem re-released
Date:       2004-06-24 22:53:49


I'd like to announce that Red Hat has re-released the GFS cluster
filesystem and its related infrastructure under the GPL.  The
different projects that make up the infrastructure are:

GFS - shared-disk cluster file system
CLVM - clustering extensions to the LVM2 logical volume manager toolset
CMAN - general-purpose symmetric cluster manager
DLM - general-purpose distributed lock manager
CCS - cluster configuration system to manage the cluster config file
GULM - alternative redundant server-based lock/cluster manager for GFS
GNBD - network block device driver shares storage over a network
Fence - I/O fencing system

The source code and patches for 2.6 are available at
http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/.  2.4 source should show up early

We're looking for people help us work on this project so we can
eventually get it included into the Linux kernel.  Comments,
suggestions, patches, and testers are more than welcome.

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 12:36 -0400, Daniel Phillips wrote:
On Friday 09 July 2004 10:53, Gareth Bult wrote:
> I do appreciate all that, however there are some press releases out
> there that are not so clear ..

Which press releases?

> There is certainly an implication in the news items I've seen that
> this is "THE GFS" code .. as opposed to being a new and unstable
> version ..

It's very clear that the 2.6 release is out there so that hackers can 
get to work on it, add to it, and go find bugs.  SRPMs for the stable 
6.0 release are linked from the cluster page.  They build against RHEL3 

> .. Incidentally, I was being kind - I've had many kernel crashes,
> even after getting it going ..

On 2.6?  No surprise.  Please post any oopses to the list.


Gareth Bult <Gareth Bult co uk>

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